This site speaks to the dispute between Mike and Doug McCarron of the Carpenters Union
Mike McCarron’s Appeal of the Decision of the Trial Committee highlights the LIES set forth by the UBC trial committee as the basis for expelling Mike from the Brotherhood. 

Here are a few highlights depicting the false information in the UBC’s decision:

  • The rental agreements were set by UBC director of real estate and general counsel for the SWRCC, not Mike McCarron

  • "Most of the lease agreements were in existence prior to the time period in question.  There were even some signed by Doug McCarron!   

  • The UBC prosecutor, Mike Draper, did not call a single witness from the Joint Apprenticeship Training Fund (JATC), which was the other party responsible for the leases

  • Mike McCarron received no benefit whatsoever and repeatedly turned down a $10,000 cash bonus that the SWRCC Executive Board offered to him each year

  • The decision to file charges against Mike McCarron is nothing more than a personal vendetta by his brother and general president Doug McCarron
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Kevin M. O'Brien
03/10/2014 2:20pm

Thank you for this latest posting. I hope this explanation on the trail brings the truth out and all the members understand that Mike McCarron has done so much to help the members in good times and bad.

Eduardo Felix
03/10/2014 5:58pm

Why would the SWRCC executive board even offer such a hefty bonus? Unions are geared by members and a great leadership. I think that the wages earned, per diam and expence are enough. No one should be making any extra money based on performance, quaotas, membership, leadership unless it's a raise based merit Mike. I'm glad you refused the money!!


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