This site speaks to the dispute between Mike and Doug McCarron of the Carpenters Union
 Dear Brother and Sister Carpenters:

I’d like to wish you Happy Holidays. I want to let you know that I am back! As you know, Doug McCarron was in complete control in the first half of the game.  Well it’s the second half now, so lets get started!

Even though I had overwhelming evidence to support my innocence, Doug’s UBC Kangaroo Court still found me guilty and expelled me from the Brotherhood.  I have appealed to the General Convention of 2015, where I will present all my evidence and the misdeeds of Doug to each and every delegate in the Brotherhood. 

It is the second half of the game and Doug and his co-conspirators will not have the same advantages they did in the first half.  I filed a complaint with the Department of Labor and there is an active investigation going on right now.  

Doug and his co-conspirators have put their own spin on the investigation and claim they are turning things over to the DOL for my prosecution. 

This is false. 

Since I filed the complaint, the Brotherhood is forced to turn over information to the DOL. 

The new rumor is that I am going to prison.
This is another lie. 

 If I am going to prison, then what the hell do Doug and his co-conspirators think will happen to them? If anyone is going to prison, it will be my brother Doug.

Below is the message I wish to send to Doug McCarron:

"It wasn’t supposed to go this far, was it Doug?  You wanted me to just go away, that is why you were begging Bill Luddy, Marty Dalhquist, Mike Olds and others to convince me to retire quietly and take your dirty settlement.  

Because you were not in control and I would not acquiesce to your demands to liquidate Mom's estate.  That is why you 14D’d me, put the SWRCC into supervision, and have turned my life and the lives of others upside down.  

It did not make sense at first, but now I know why. You lost all your money in the stock crash of 2008, just like you lost $200 million dollars of the member’s money in Wall Street.  You need your UBC paycheck, and the members money to rebuild your bank accounts. Is this why you gave your girlfriend a $66,000 dollar raise and a company car?  And why you are drawing your Pension, and getting Yearly Bonuses, in addition to your 390K salary and 100K in expenses? 
You are a Pig. You must have been worried about not having my support for General President in 2015 or the support of the SWRCC Delegates.

Remember what Dad use to say, “Don't underestimate anybody!”  And like Dad told you in the past, 'Doug, this will never bring you any luck.'"

It's time we ban together. It starts on the floor of every local union in this Brotherhood. It's time to stop the systematic destruction of member rights. It's going to take someone other than Doug to restore democracy to this Brotherhood. Now is the time to organize. 



Mike McCarron



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