This site speaks to the dispute between Mike and Doug McCarron of the Carpenters Union
Attention Members and Supporters: Don't miss this exchange between Mike and Doug on the floor of Local 1506 on 9.20.2013.


Son of a Mason
10/05/2013 5:46pm

That video exemplifies Doug McCarrons typical bullsh@t lying to the members. You can definitely see who the real cowards are in that video. Doug .McCarron has Dennis Walsh running the Carpenters in NYC along with Judge Berman. It shows how far reaching Doug's power is. He pays both of these clownsbig money to make sure his twisted view of union democracy is followed. Go get em" Mike!!! Make your brother pay for his crimes once and for all and free our union of his indentured slavery

Joe Harmon
10/07/2013 4:20pm

I hope things work out for you. When politics got too much, I pulled the plug . If you get a chance, clean house if you climb to the top.


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