This site speaks to the dispute between Mike and Doug McCarron of the Carpenters Union
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This Friday August 16, 2013, at 7:30 pm Mike McCarron will be at Local 1506, located at 5164 Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles. Mike McCarron is the president of Local 1506 and is a delegate to the Southwest Regional Council. Mike will be discussing the charges, the emergency supervision of the SWRCC, and the personal history between him and Doug that has lead up to the false charges and improper emergency supervision.

Rumor has it that the International and its general counsel are scrambling trying to come up with a way to put Local 1506 into Emergency Supervision. Their intent is to further silence Mike McCarron. The July 22, 2013, Emergency Supervision of the SWRCC was to prevent Mike from speaking to the delegates of the SWRCC on July 25, 2013.

COME ONE COME ALL, RAIN OR SHINE, TRUSTEESHIP OR NO TRUSTEESHIP. Depending on the status of 1506, Mike will either be in the meeting hall, the parking lot or the sidewalk out in front of the local, if the gates to the parking lot are locked.

Fun Fact: how can they put local 1506 into trusteeship when Doug McCarron is conductor of the executive committee of 1506.



Richard Dorrough
09/10/2013 12:21pm

The right to put a Council or Local in Trusteeship is NOT given by the UBC Constitution but by the LMRDA and the is also controlled by the DOL. It's implementation can be dictated by Bylaws or the Constitution which also cannot violate the LMRDA.The International must justify the trusteeship and it is clear the trusteeship of the SWR Council was not justified, bogus but also that NO Emergency situation existed allowing Banes to impose a trusteeship before a hearing took place. I would hope somebody has filed a challenge with the DOL or bypass them and seek an injunction in Federal District Court. The actions of Silins office in trying to interfere with your right to defend yourself and the bogus trusteeship should allow you to get past the “exhaust Internal Remedies BS”. The entire case put forth in the SW Council was all about EST Mike McCarron did this and EST Mike McCarron did that so their option would be to remove the EST pending charges. Not impose a Trusteeship let alone an Emergency Trusteeship. No other Officer was accused and the councils assets were not in jeopardy. The Council was fully capable of running itself without an EST and as it just did at NYCDCC the UBC could have given special dispensation and appointed a Pro Tem EST. Its clear that EST Mike McCarron told somebody no or refused to go along with some plan of the UBC and this is a personal vendetta. Have a look and keep a close watch on Draper and his minions to see who gets fired. What lawyers, actuary’s or other parties are fired and replaced by UBC International hand picked companies or people. Keep a close watch on the assets of the council for seizure and movement during this trusteeship. Then you will see the real purpose behind yet another UBC International example of Union Democracy.

If the International attempts to try another bogus trusteeship on Local 1506 all you have to do is tell them to go to hell and refuse to allow them in the office or control of the Local .The UBC International has NOTHING that gives them control of the property unless the council has moved to seize ownership of the Locals property for just such an occasion. However the Local if they do not own the property pay rent and I am sure there are State eviction laws to invoke before they can force you off the property. Be ready.They have nothing that gives them control or access to the Locals Bank accounts unless two sell outs sign the accounts over. If they show up and refuse to leave call a cop. The International will come with nothing except their arrogance to try and seize control. If challenged they will have to have a court order to show any cops that allows them to seize control of the Local Offices,property or accounts. The right to a trusteeship if you refuse would have to be fought out with the DOL. If you refuse the trusteeship the DOL would have to go to Distrcit Court.”The LMRDA trusteeship reporting requirements are enforced under section 210, which allows the Secretary of Labor to file civil actions in U.S. district courts to restrain violations and bring about compliance”
If they showed up at the bank and said Hello we are the UBC International and we are taking the locals accounts the Bank Manager would tell them to go to hell unless two Local Officers sell you out and are on the signature cards.

To further help you challenge produce a copy of Case No. 07-=15574 US District Court Northern California. Gustave Link-vs- David Rhodes ,et al..In an attempt to get himself removed as a defendant on the case Douglas McCarron had his attorneys make the following statement in court and on the record
McCarron and the International lawyers have declared on Page 8 and I quote:

“Link continues to misunderstand union structure and law governing common law agency relationships. Local, intermediate and international unions are legally separate entities and liability for a local unions actions does not attach itself to the International” and the kicker “Unions generally adopt a three-tier structure: the international union, various intermediate bodies and local Unions. Though they are affiliated by a constitution these organizations are SUCH SEPARATE ENTITIES that they can and do sue each other and THEIR AGENTS HAVE NO LEGAL BINDING AUTHORITY OUTSIDE THEIR OWN UNION ENTITY.”

No you have a legal brief that says the International has no legal binding authority over the Council or Local while the International will come with nothing but the UBC Constitution which isn’t worth s… outside the UBC.The basis of the case is that since McCarron and the International control the Councils and the the Councils control the Locals as any rank and file members knows is a fact then the International can be held liable for polices they have created and policy’s created and implemented against rank and file members by councils. Douglas McCaron says NOT so and that THEIR AGENTS HAVE NO LEGA

09/10/2013 12:22pm

Ur blog, “UBC Trying to put Local 1506 into Emergency Supervision to Silence Mike McCarron
| Stand With Mike” was well worth commenting on!
Just desired to mention you actually did a very good work.

Jerry Perez
09/10/2013 12:22pm

I too have been a victum of the tyrantical rule of Doug McCarron. Your brother has distroid what was once a proud institution in which people looked up to for leadership in the construction industry and in the communities in which they served. Here in Oklahoma the Carpenters Union has got a long road to go before contractor and the other Union will trust the Carpenters Union. E-mail me if I can be of any help to bringing back the Union I was once proud to be a member of for 36 years. I am not a member or a party to this communist rule of the membership.


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