This site speaks to the dispute between Mike and Doug McCarron of the Carpenters Union
Thank you for visiting this site. A response to the charges and emergency supervision will be provided in the near future. We thank you for your support and patience during this difficult time.



Steven Goldberg
09/10/2013 12:16pm

Last night Friday August 16th 2013 at local 1506 Mike McCarron tried to speak to the members in the parking lot after he was censored during the meeting while trying to explain the truth and that little weasel Danny Macdonald set off a car alarm trying to drown out what Mike McCarron had to say. What a Clown!! They all are afraid the truth will come out!!

JosA n josB
09/25/2013 12:36pm

Phx meeting 9 25 13 y not come?


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