This site speaks to the dispute between Mike and Doug McCarron of the Carpenters Union
Mike McCarron’s daughter, Michelle, was set to join the Carpenters Union and become a member of the brotherhood, so she could help her father during his UBC trial September 9-13, 2013.
Mike McCarron’s former chief of staff was forced to divulge this information to Doug and the UBC’s general counsel. The former chief of staff met with Mike and other members Saturday, July 13, 2013, at Mike’s home. During this meeting certain information was discussed as to how to proceed in defending Mike against this spurious attack from his own brother. Mike’s chief of staff was on board, until he received a visit from UBC General President Doug McCarron. After this meeting with Doug, the chief of staff resigned from the SWRCC, on July 14, and went to work for the International.


Please view the highlighted letter below that was sent to Mike today August 12, 2013. A good read of the UBC Constitution does not support Andy Silins’ position on this issue.

UBC Letter
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Richard Dorrough
09/10/2013 12:19pm

First of all nobody asked Andris Silins to for an interpretation of 52(I).After reading Section 52(I) it certainly proves that his statement is absurd and a blatant lie. If one reads Section 44 on Admission of Members there is no such restriction listed nor is a potential member required to declare a specific profession, ie Millwright,Carprnter and etc, when they join. By declaring that UBC members may practice law as they have in 52(i)the UBC has made it one of the professions within its organization the same Carpenter, Millwright,dockbuilder and etc. Therefore a person has every right to join the UBC for the purpose of acting as an attorney. Further since the law business is a profession within the UBC does not any Law Office or Business, including Mike McCarrons daughter have the right to join as signatory contractors, If not please explain why Decarlo,Connor and Shanley are listed on the Southwest Training Fund 990 as “Contractors”.
If a members lawyer at trial must be a member of the UBC(Which I am sure would not stand in any court besides the UBC Kangaroo Court System). then this Can ONLY happen IF an attorney joins the UBC for the purpose of satisfying the 51(i) requirement and to practice law ,according to the rules of the State they are in at UBC Trials . Is Mr Silins or anybody in the UBC absurdly trying to tell us a UBC Carpenter after joining the Union is excepted to go to law school and then remain working as a Carpenter (for 50 times less money)and it is ONLY this Member /Lawyer that a UBC member MUST find somewhere if the UBC to have counsel at trial.Ridiculous. By the way your right to a lawyer at trial is covered by that “other” constitution called the United Sates Constitution.

The purpose of this requirement is to make it virtually impossible for a UBC member to have legal representation at trial and now Silins who is worried Mike McCarron actually have a lawyer at trial is sending him a letter which is a blatant lie, absurd and clearly trying to deny his right to counsel. This is not the first time Silins has lied to try and interfere with your right to counsel. In his July 16 ,2013 response he declared “You may have council “however legal counsel is prohibited from the hearing room” Section 51(i) clearly reads “Counsel shall be entitled to be present at all times the trial committee is receiving evidence”. Which takes place in the hearing room per the UBC Kangaroo trial system. Perhaps Mr.Silins ate one to many Harbaugh Fruit Baskets during his many nights at the Riveria in Palm Springs and whose salary went from $353,642 in 2008 to $383,756 in 2011 which is a $30,000 increase.All while the members of the UBC suffered and membership dropped from 513,00 to 415,000. One has to wonder how many corporate officers would have got raises while losing close to 100,000 dues paying members.

Further the Office of Andris Silins has declared for the record that Attorney Brian Quinn and only Brian Quinn can offer interpretations of the UBC Constitution. When I requested(on more than one occasion) an interpatation Silins office delayed me stating ONLY Quinn can give interpatations.One particular request was delayed becuase I was told Quinn was not available since he was at the (last) UBC Convention. This was a week before the convention started to which Silins office responded that they all go a week in advance of the convention. Draw your own picture on why Quin was even there and how much a week in advance cost the membership
You might Request Andris Silins to provide in writing who asked Quinn for any such interpretation of 52(I). Demand a copy of Quinns response in writing denying a person the right to be counsel in this case and a confirmation from Quinn declaring Silins statement legit and a part of the UBC Constitution. Also since its clear Silins solicited an interpretation on 52(i)from Quinn as required by the UBC International and by Silins letter declaring an interpretation was made. Does this mean Quinn and his Decarlo,Connor and Shanley law office will not be advising or representing the UBC in any manner in this case due to a conflict of interest.

09/10/2013 12:19pm

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Tom's river
09/18/2013 6:38am

Doug s either going to pay Mike hefty severance package or this is all a ploy to make Mike the next GST


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