<![CDATA[STAND WITH MIKE McCARRON - UPDATES FROM MIKE]]>Thu, 22 Feb 2018 08:10:56 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE : Discipline of Union Members for holding a Phone Bank Violated their Right to Free Speech]]>Wed, 07 May 2014 16:53:28 GMThttp://standwithmike.org/1/post/2014/05/press-release-discipline-of-union-members-for-holding-a-phone-bank-violated-their-right-to-free-speech.htmlThe case deals with violations of union members rights in the Pacific Northwest by the UBC.  There are a couple parallels to the case against MikeMcCarron. 

 Same old UBC shenanigans in a different region.


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Read full court case here:

Peter Savage, Cliff Puckett, V. Michael Wallace, and Gabriel Triplett VS Doug Tweedy, Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters and United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
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<![CDATA[Stand with Mike: How You Can Help]]>Mon, 24 Mar 2014 05:58:25 GMThttp://standwithmike.org/1/post/2014/03/stand-with-mike-how-you-can-help.htmlCommunication is key. Please help me pass out these various handbills at the upcoming Local Union meetings. These handbills provide members with information regarding the internal disputes at the SWRCC and the Carpenters Union in general. 

Thank you for your support! 
The Cause to the McCarron Feud
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Doug McCarron Collects on Southern California Pension
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The United Brotherhood's Court System
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Witness Tampering is a Crime!
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Doug McCarron's Darkside Control's Our Union
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<![CDATA[Mike McCarron’s Appeal of the Decision of the Trial Committee]]>Sun, 09 Mar 2014 19:22:14 GMThttp://standwithmike.org/1/post/2014/03/mike-mccarrons-appeal-of-the-decision-of-the-trial-committee.htmlMike McCarron’s Appeal of the Decision of the Trial Committee highlights the LIES set forth by the UBC trial committee as the basis for expelling Mike from the Brotherhood. 

Here are a few highlights depicting the false information in the UBC’s decision:

  • The rental agreements were set by UBC director of real estate and general counsel for the SWRCC, not Mike McCarron

  • "Most of the lease agreements were in existence prior to the time period in question.  There were even some signed by Doug McCarron!   

  • The UBC prosecutor, Mike Draper, did not call a single witness from the Joint Apprenticeship Training Fund (JATC), which was the other party responsible for the leases

  • Mike McCarron received no benefit whatsoever and repeatedly turned down a $10,000 cash bonus that the SWRCC Executive Board offered to him each year

  • The decision to file charges against Mike McCarron is nothing more than a personal vendetta by his brother and general president Doug McCarron
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<![CDATA[UBC Decision and Explanation]]>Tue, 18 Feb 2014 15:57:00 GMThttp://standwithmike.org/1/post/2014/02/ubc-decision-and-explanation.htmlDuring Doug McCarron's tenure (eighteen years) as General President of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, the UBC has filed and prosecuted numerous 14D charges against officers and members of our union. In every case, the UBC's trial committee found the union member guilty and kicked those members out of our union.

Sound familiar. Mike McCarron did not receive a fair trial over the trumped up charges filed against him. Even with a defense that exonerated him from all of those ridiculous charges, the trial committee found Mike guilty, and the UBC kicked him out of the Union.

Read below to understand how the UBC controls the trial process.

1.) The UBC files14D charges against the member

2.) UBC General President (Doug McCarron) appoints a Trial Committee – which consists of     members from the General Executive Board. (Doug McCarron's Executive Board)

3.) Union trial date is set

4.) Trial Committee entertains evidence from the prosecution and defense

5.) UBC Trial Committee deliberates

6.) UBC Trial Committee issues a verdict (always guilty)

7). The member can appeal the Trial Committee’s Decision to the General Executive Board (Doug McCarron's Executive Board) 

8.) The UBC's Executive Board accepts the UBC Trial Committees' guilty recommendation

9.) The member has 30 days to appeal the guilty verdict to the General Convention. 

10.) According to the UBC the member is not entitled to appear at the General Convention for their appeal, ensuring that the delegates do not get to hear from Mike McCarron.



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<![CDATA[Re: Dan McDonald's Witness Tampering]]>Sat, 25 Jan 2014 01:29:30 GMThttp://standwithmike.org/1/post/2014/01/redan-mcdonalds-witness-tampering.htmlThirty minute recording of Dan McDonald’s (Recording Secretary Local 1506) witness tampering coming to this site soon!
You will not believe what Dan said and in the most foul language. It would enrage any prosecutor or jury. You did me a favor, Dan! Thank you so much.

Point of order, Dan MacDonald! 

"Dan, you should always keep your words soft and sweet because some day you may have to eat them! You could have just stayed neutral, Dan, but it wasn’t in your nature. You had to be a little tough guy."]]>
<![CDATA[Doug's Closet : Family Insight ]]>Thu, 16 Jan 2014 19:30:54 GMThttp://standwithmike.org/1/post/2014/01/dougs-closet-family-insight.html Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

A little more intel on your General President, Doug McCarron. 

During our debate, September 20, 2013, I confronted Doug about not visiting our mother while she was in the hospital.  She had broken her shoulder, pelvis, and hip and was in Intensive Care for six days.  He’s too busy for stuff like that.  I had to make excuses for him when she would ask “Does Doug know I’m in the hospital?” (Doug knew but never came). My mom kept asking and I kept making excuses for him because I didn’t want to hurt my mother.  

Our mother past three days later, Doug never came to see her.   
<![CDATA[India Griffin Speaks out ]]>Mon, 30 Dec 2013 19:46:17 GMThttp://standwithmike.org/1/post/2013/12/india-griffin-speaks-out.html
A very special thanks to India Griffin for her dedicated support! 
<![CDATA[A Letter to the Brotherhood: I'm Back! ]]>Thu, 19 Dec 2013 21:15:12 GMThttp://standwithmike.org/1/post/2013/12/a-letter-to-the-brotherhood-im-back.html Dear Brother and Sister Carpenters:

I’d like to wish you Happy Holidays. I want to let you know that I am back! As you know, Doug McCarron was in complete control in the first half of the game.  Well it’s the second half now, so lets get started!

Even though I had overwhelming evidence to support my innocence, Doug’s UBC Kangaroo Court still found me guilty and expelled me from the Brotherhood.  I have appealed to the General Convention of 2015, where I will present all my evidence and the misdeeds of Doug to each and every delegate in the Brotherhood. 

It is the second half of the game and Doug and his co-conspirators will not have the same advantages they did in the first half.  I filed a complaint with the Department of Labor and there is an active investigation going on right now.  

Doug and his co-conspirators have put their own spin on the investigation and claim they are turning things over to the DOL for my prosecution. 

This is false. 

Since I filed the complaint, the Brotherhood is forced to turn over information to the DOL. 

The new rumor is that I am going to prison.
This is another lie. 

 If I am going to prison, then what the hell do Doug and his co-conspirators think will happen to them? If anyone is going to prison, it will be my brother Doug.

Below is the message I wish to send to Doug McCarron:

"It wasn’t supposed to go this far, was it Doug?  You wanted me to just go away, that is why you were begging Bill Luddy, Marty Dalhquist, Mike Olds and others to convince me to retire quietly and take your dirty settlement.  

Because you were not in control and I would not acquiesce to your demands to liquidate Mom's estate.  That is why you 14D’d me, put the SWRCC into supervision, and have turned my life and the lives of others upside down.  

It did not make sense at first, but now I know why. You lost all your money in the stock crash of 2008, just like you lost $200 million dollars of the member’s money in Wall Street.  You need your UBC paycheck, and the members money to rebuild your bank accounts. Is this why you gave your girlfriend a $66,000 dollar raise and a company car?  And why you are drawing your Pension, and getting Yearly Bonuses, in addition to your 390K salary and 100K in expenses? 
You are a Pig. You must have been worried about not having my support for General President in 2015 or the support of the SWRCC Delegates.

Remember what Dad use to say, “Don't underestimate anybody!”  And like Dad told you in the past, 'Doug, this will never bring you any luck.'"

It's time we ban together. It starts on the floor of every local union in this Brotherhood. It's time to stop the systematic destruction of member rights. It's going to take someone other than Doug to restore democracy to this Brotherhood. Now is the time to organize. 



Mike McCarron

<![CDATA[Doug's Closet: Catering Expenses]]>Fri, 15 Nov 2013 16:09:27 GMThttp://standwithmike.org/1/post/2013/11/dougs-closet-catering-expenses.htmlOver an 18 month period between 2005 and 2007, the International spent $569,698 for catering services at the International’s Training Center in Las Vegas. 

That’s over $31,00 a month for food. 

Who eats that much? ]]>
<![CDATA[Doug's Closet : Spending Habits]]>Thu, 07 Nov 2013 19:49:05 GMThttp://standwithmike.org/1/post/2013/11/dougs-closet-spending-habits.htmlIn 2006, the International used the services of Initial Tropical Plants to the tune of $108,000. 

They must have a rainforest somewhere!