This site speaks to the dispute between Mike and Doug McCarron of the Carpenters Union
Communication is key. Please help me pass out these various handbills at the upcoming Local Union meetings. These handbills provide members with information regarding the internal disputes at the SWRCC and the Carpenters Union in general. 

Thank you for your support! 
The Cause to the McCarron Feud
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Doug McCarron Collects on Southern California Pension
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The United Brotherhood's Court System
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Witness Tampering is a Crime!
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Doug McCarron's Darkside Control's Our Union
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 Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

A little more intel on your General President, Doug McCarron. 

During our debate, September 20, 2013, I confronted Doug about not visiting our mother while she was in the hospital.  She had broken her shoulder, pelvis, and hip and was in Intensive Care for six days.  He’s too busy for stuff like that.  I had to make excuses for him when she would ask “Does Doug know I’m in the hospital?” (Doug knew but never came). My mom kept asking and I kept making excuses for him because I didn’t want to hurt my mother.  

Our mother past three days later, Doug never came to see her.   
Over an 18 month period between 2005 and 2007, the International spent $569,698 for catering services at the International’s Training Center in Las Vegas. 

That’s over $31,00 a month for food. 

Who eats that much? 
In 2006, the International used the services of Initial Tropical Plants to the tune of $108,000. 

They must have a rainforest somewhere!
In 2011 the International gave Odom Construction located in Knoxville, TN and Standard Drywall located in Corona, CA a total of $385,000 in the form of market recovery grants. This is not a loan. This is free money compliments of the membership.